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Well, it’s been a couple months and I,..I don’t know I thought that there had to be some other way I can communicate with you guys and feel like, I was SERIOUSLY and legitimately being heard. I mean, I know there are the comments, likes and I get e-mails here and there when someone checks my one of my posts out, which (don’t get me wrong) makes my day, it truly does! But it wasn’t enough, so I took a break, not only from blogging but playing video games as well. I got a ps4, got a couple good games, didn’t make reviews, obviously.

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Moreover, the good news is, I’m coming back! A new channel created by myself on Twitch.tv where I will regularly be streaming videos of all the games you and I love + interactively chatting with ya’ll. However, if I really have to, I’ll post updates and/or any other necessary information that I want my followers to know on here, just so you know I’m committed. Stay tuned for more updates by following me on all my social media outlets including:

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The Wolf Among Us Ep. 5: Cry Wolf – Review + Separate Pt. 1 Review (SPOILER ALERT)

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After finally following Bigby Wolf all five episodes, I can happily confirm, that Telltale did a magnificent job once again, in catching the atmosphere and even more importantly the characters of the comic.


tumblr_n9congXSmC1th06pxo1_500You get sucked into the world of Fables, where well known Fable figures have to live in the human world, after escaping their home dimension, and you try as Sheriff Bigby Wolf (aka Big Bad Wolf) to not only solve a series of strange murders but also battle against your inner demons. For fans of the comic it offers a very interesting pre-story to where the series begins and you meet and get to know some characters, which were presented shortly in the comics.

The graphics style fits the shrill world of Fables perfectly, and the voice acting is once again nearly flawless. Gameplay was wise just like The Walking Dead, more of an interactive movie than a true adventure, but it was done very well. Last but not least the music was excellent.. from the well done intro with Bigby wandering through town up to the whole game, the “Film Noir” atmosphere is present everywhere which was another aspect I personally adored playing this game.

But what I loved the most was the formation of the characters. Telltale incorporated personas from every fairy tale mixed with a modern twist located in New York City. Basically, Every character has its own unique ‘humanised’ personality complementing their fantasy persona. This adds depth to each one of them, which allows for some creative (and sometimes unexpected) scenes that also has the benefit of adding greater weight to your decisions. The consequences of your decisions remains an important feaure of WAU (just like TWD) & you will also find and realize that you can only choose one location in one point or another through out the story and the provided options to explore, each giving you a different clue or story arc to experience each time I can certainly say that after playing WAU, you will never look at your childhood fairy tale characters the same again! :) Definitely pick up this game if you want something similar to the Walking Dead!



Crooked Man’s Lair – Night (Pt. 1 + 2) + Pudding N Pie

Firstly, the way I approached the crooked man was so badass. I mean, forget Bigby, he’s a badass regardless but I made sure I chose all the right and logical answers whenever “the boss” questioned my knowledge concerning the whole situation. But what irritated me the most was how relaxed he was, which prevented me from letting Bigby go off and make him look more hot-headed than he already is.


Also, my first impression of the crooked man was accurate and I know that for sure by the way he tackled each question as well as repetitively claiming that he was an open-person and has no need for treachery. He is obviously the typical psychotic leader that has made this group of needy individuals under his control due to his wealth and decent connections as he himself put it to Bigby which over-powers the system Crane and/or Snow and Bigby had put out for Fabletown.


And when it came to who killed the girls? I didn’t say “Who did it”, to add more suspense I said “I know who did it” even though I absolutely had no idea and for legitimate reasons, I chose to blame it on Georgie because all the other options were strange and made no sense to me, plus he’s a fucking dick, moreover it turned out to be the right answer, so that was a great opportunity for me to reveal my wit and intelligence to the crooked man as well as punch Georgie in the fucking V-jayjay, oh and Jersey too (CAN SOMEONE PLS TELL ME WHAT IS  JERSEY’S FAIRYTALE CHARACTER, HE’S SO FUCKING UGLY WHEN HE TURNS).

tumblr_n6bv0wWuIR1s8skbdo1_500Bloody fucking Mary. As much as I hate her, her entrance was SUPER BadfuckingA$$. Sadly the bitch and the Crooked man evaded as soon as Georgie got mad and things got out of control which meant the fight between me and these freaks started.


So as they left, Georgie “attempted” to kill me but failed and killed Tweedle-Dum which is less work for me (Thx Georgie), But I did stab Georgie in the stomach, he eventually escaped with the help of Vivian, so I killed Jersey and followed them back to the Pudding N Pie which was PRETTY FUCKING INTENSE, look at them GIFS bruh.





So I didn’t really realize how consequential those two characters were until I followed them back to the Pudding N’ Pie, which was by the way such a dumb fucking idea, escaping to the most obvious location, gr8 job Georgie.tumblr_n8i4qrmerf1rfb2cvo1_400

Before going inside the club, Bigby can take a look at the car and the blood on the ground. Don’t worry, Georgie isn’t going anywhere. I got all the information I could, then went inside. In the hallway, you can choose to stand outside and listen to the conversation. Take a moment to hear what Vivian and Georgie say to each other instead of barging in. It seems Georgie was close to at least one of his employees. Georgie isn’t just hurt… he’s on the verge of death, lololol. I choose to play it safe. As angry as Bigby is, he wants answers and evidence, nontheless everyone knows Crooked Man is behind everything. No need to get overly aggressive with this pussy.

Vivian tries to defend Georgie. She is embroiled in all this, so I ask why she’s protecting him. She’s got the ribbon too, she should hate him, right? It turns out Faith and the other victims were planning to escape. Georgie admits it was Crooked Man giving the order to “take care” of the problem. Sounds pretty open-and-fucking-shut. Keep pushing and yelling, and Georgie will finally reveal why Vivian is involved even though he promised her that he wouldn’t (asshole). “She was the original”, through her ribbon the others were created to force discretion or death. Vivian went along with the plan openly because she thought “things would be different”

Moreover, the only way to free Nerissa is to remove Vivian’s ribbon. Georgie even offers it, saying that I should remove it since he was offended. Later, Georgie admits he wasn’t serious, and I choose not attempt it. Not that my efforts mattered. Conclusively, Vivian said she is tired of being controlled – by Georgie, by Bigby, and Crooked Man. She pulls her own ribbon and dies. IT WAS THE MOST TRAUMATIC SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN, THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE, BUT THE GIRL WAS ACTUALLY DEAD, HAD HER NECK DISCONNECTED FROM HER BODY, twas kind of really fucking cO0l. So, the spell is lifted, but that removes another witness to Crooked Man’s crimes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Georgie is coming either. His guts are spilling out of the wound.


In this last act, Georgie reveals that the Crooked Man retreated to an old foundry by the river. Now Bigby knows where to go, but that still leaves Georgie. You can choose to kill him, or leave him to die. I left him, but my intentions were good, I thought he’d live, and I didn’t want to kill him because I’m tryna change my reputation as the big bad wolf, but if you do leave him, they take it as “leaving him to suffer” which WASN’T my intention. But he did deserve it, piece of shit offered me to kill his fucking gf, way 2 go A+++ relationship skills, #1 ladies man . Whatever you choose, Bigby leaves for the Metalworks factory to confront his prey.



Apparently, people are getting mad about Far Cry 4 being racist, are you trying to tell me that the bad guy should be nice and politically correct? Like seriously some of ya’ll will literally find anything to complain about. Personally, I think the cover is perfect.  

  1. It quickly and easily conveys the plot of the game
  2. It shows the setting (the Himalayas)
  3. It shows what kind of game it is (guns, guns and more guns means shooting things)
  4. There’s an asshole who’s ruining shit and enslaving people
  5. And you get to kill him (probably)


  “it’s racist because they are killing African people” yes and the game is set in Africa so naturally you are killing African people… who have been infested with a parasitic virus. I can’t believe people are mad because the Far Cry 4 villain LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUAL FUCKING VILLAIN?





Pack away your tropical gear, because Far Cry 4 is heading to the motherfucking Himalayas.


Far Cry 4 will be released this year on November 18 in the US and November 20 in EMEA territories. The game will be available on both generations of consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – along with Windows PC.

Taking a sharp turn away from the lush island jungles of the top-rated Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 is set in Kyrat, an untamed region currently ruled by a despotic self-appointed king. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the achingly beautiful views; Kyrat is a wild land full of perils. Once again, players will be able to craft their own stories as they travel through this exotic open world teeming with wildlife – using their wits along with an assortment of powerful weapons and diverse vehicles. 


“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations,” said Dan Hay, Executive Producer. “Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.”

Development on Far Cry 4 is being led by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev. For an exclusive first look at Far Cry 4, be sure to tune in to Ubisoft’s media briefing at E3 because I sure will. 

In conclusion, I just want to thank Ubisoft because they are definitely on top of their shit this year, they got all these games coming out: Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Just Dance, The Crew and Watch Dogs. I absolutely cannot fucking wait. 


The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 3 review – In Harm’s Way (PS3)

Holy fucking shit. Image

This was definitely my favorite episode so far. The sense of desperation, as always certainly made me question and re-evaluate the decisions I had to make. Also, all of the work I had put into building up relationships with these characters truly mattered in this episode. Whether it was faking my comprehension of Carver and/or Bill’s “community” or attempting to like Sarah. However there was one personal key issue I found with this episode, unlike the previous episodes the issue isn’t the lack of gameplay. The issue I had here is realizing that I don’t really care about this new cast anywhere near as much as the old one, and I think ever since Kenny re-appeared in Ep. 2, it automatically reminded me of Lee and how things would’ve been if he were there somehow. 

I had more time to connect with each and every character which is why I’m so passionate about all of them. I feel like I wasn’t properly introduced to everyone in this season, therefore that took out some of the emotion that could have otherwise been there. That’s not to say that I dislike the new characters, it’s just that I don’t find the majority of them as enjoyable as the previous seasons because I don’t know them well enough. However, I do love the characters from 400 days and hope to see more of them in the future. That being said this episode did make a few of the new characters grow on me, so I guess it’s a matter of time until I manage to like or be content with them.  Overall I found this to be the best episode this season has had yet. And there’s some actual gameplay here. Here’s hoping that the last two episodes continue the upward trend. 


1. I did stay there for Kenny’s revenge on Bill. I enjoyed every bit of it. And Kenny proved his badassery to us all. But I do feel bad for Sarita, although she was irritating, Kenny loved her.


2. I WAS REALLY FUCKING PISSED WHEN CARLOS DIED. Even though he was an asshole that let Clem stay in a fucking shed when she was bit and in need of medical support. I still kind of like him. And he’s the only person who can take Sarah’s shit. I tried my best this episode, but she’s still fucking stupid. When Sarah said she needed her Dad, she wasn’t kidding. But now he’s gone, I hope she is too. It’s for the best. 


3. Reggie was a bastard. He deserved to die, we don’t need people who are prone to leaders like Bill and whatever they say. Bill’s right, he is weak and has no character. 


4. Let’s just focus on how cute Luke is. I don’t care about the age difference. I ship Luke and Clem. #CLUKE



5. Last but not least, I wanted to take a moment just for my one and only, Lee Everett. RIP<3